A Canyon So Grand

Walking down the grand canyon trail.  Lots of lense flair.

The torrid Arizona sun heats my neck, while my soul
basks in the majesty of the warm rock below. A small sea of air
reveals layers of earth from lifetimes ago. What eyes don’t remember
and a photograph can’t capture makes the canyon surrounding
me appear unreal and supernatural.

A trail scarred by the clench of metal cleats and poles guides
me through mother nature’s finest work. Millions of years of sculpting
has proved every second and still a work in progress!

As the cultured dust under my boots changes from a rusty red powder
to a sand finer than flour, the desert makes up for the dry death
above. Indian springs feed an ecosystem walled off
from a world of compromised purity.

At night, the brilliant sky above and the tranquil sound of a stream nearby lull
me to sleep after the long journey. An attempt to count every gleaming star
would be disrupted by the morning sun rising over the rim. A hike to the bottom
is the only way to appreciate a canyon so grand.

Joe Hutchinson, 2014